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Are you in pain?

Are you seeking greater ease of movement?

Similar to deep tissue massage, Structural massage isn't the familiar "rub where it hurts" approach. This modality addresses the entire body by finding where compensation and restrictions are happening.

Function is restored by releasing these restricted and bound areas which allows the body to move in novel ways, strengthening underused muscles, and transferring the burden from overworked, painful muscles, to the rest of the body - restoring balance and proper alignment. (and it feels great!)

Tailored to meet your goals and expectations, it's possible for bodywork to feel good and be highly effective at eliminating your pain.

Discover ease of movement

If moving feels good, you're likely to do it better.




Not just about pain relief, our therapy gets to the root of your discomfort. Utilizing techniques to promote the health and equilibrium of the connective tissue and muscular systems, you'll be left feeling freer and energized as your body becomes better balanced and aligned.

30min - $45 | 60min - $75 

90min - $110 | 120min - $140



Whether it be for an event or for your office, chair massage is a great way to conveniently bring the value of therapeutic touch to your clients or customers.

$1/minute | $30 travel surcharge



A holistic method of bodywork which restructures each segment of the body into a more cohesive and efficient relationship.  By reorienting the body to appropriate gravity rather than continually struggle, you can let go of unhealthy holding patterns responsible for any number of painful dysfunctions. The techniques themselves can be very relaxing and feel good, like a good stretch. They are applied with a firm pressure but never are strong or painful.

60min - $75 | 90min - $110

120min - $140



Unable to meet me at my office? No problem, I'll come to you!

$30 travel surcharge

Insurances accepted:

Pacific Source
Motor Vehicle (MVA)


Jeremy is one of the most passionate, present, and phenomenal bodyworkers I've ever worked with. He approaches his work with such care and sensitivity that I always leave our session feeling so much better than when I arrived, and I am always AMAZED at how well he is able to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders.

Molly J

I have been to many bodywork practitioners for over 30 years. Some really good and some not so good. Jeremy is in the really good group.
He Gets It!

Randy S

When we started the session I looked in the mirror and was obviously lopsided. My right shoulder lying further back and lower than the left. After the body work my shoulders were even. Jeremy also guided me in ways to stand that helped achieve balance and openness. My shoulders are still even, I'm still practicing standing with a wider gait and looking forward to the next session!

Angela B

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Jeremy Powers | Massage Therapist | LMT | Bodyworker


Jeremy graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. Here he studied the physical and emotional components of healing and wellness which eventually led him to his own journey of personal transformation through body awareness and manual therapy. Because of his own experience with bodywork, he then became committed to studying and practicing this art with the intention of bringing about balance and integration into the lives of others.

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln - B.A. in Psychology

  • Sedona School of Massage - Awareness-based massage certification program - 700 hours

  • Awareness-oriented Structural Integration Certification

  • Licensed Massage Therapist by the State of Nebraska

  • Certified in Structural Integration by the State of Arizona - 300 hours


I was born and raised in Nebraska, a land of expansive skies and extreme seasons. Studying psychology and Spanish as an undergrad gave me a basis for understanding the interaction between the psyche and the body as well as giving me the tools to explore other cultures. I lived briefly in Madrid, Spain, as well as traveled Mexico. Throughout this time I explored body-centered practices such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong. Experiencing structural integration first hand made me feel greater vitality and freedom in my body which led to my decision to become a practitioner myself. This brought me to Sedona where I received the tools and support to fulfill my desire to heal and inspire others. A life long musician and song writer, you can find me playing my music across Oregon.




650 Walnut Ave

Eugene, OR 97404

Dark charcoal house. Parking in front. Entrance at left side of house.


by appointment only

please call or email me


legato - [leˈɡaːto]
adjective, adverb

1.  Music: smooth and connected; without breaks between notes; tied together



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