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Show your fascia some love | Myofascial yoga

In this article on Myofascial Yoga, Christine Wushke, a myofascial release practitioner, talks about fascia (my favorite medium) and how to give ourselves fascia-centered therapy at home, No longer do you need to wait for your next session of bodywork for relief. Christine describes how to modify yoga poses by holding them longer. This is the essence of myofascial release and the reason why the benefits of stretching can be short-lived. Well, no longer. By simply easing into a stretch and then holding from anywhere from two to five minutes, until a release is felt - the benefits of stretching have increased exponentially. The fascia elongates, allowing the ground substance of your body to melt and become more fluid, allowing it to deliver food and nutrients, improving nerve, muscle, and lymphatic function.. So read her article and enjoy applying her handy exercises and let me know what you think.

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