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Jeremy is one of the most passionate, present, and phenomenal bodyworkers I've ever worked with. He approaches his work with such care and sensitivity that I always leave our session feeling so much better than when I arrived, and I am always AMAZED at how well he is able to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders.

Molly J

I have been to many bodywork practitioners for over 30 years. Some really good and some not so good. Jeremy is in the really good group.
He Gets It!

Randy S

When we started the session I looked in the mirror and was obviously lopsided. My right shoulder lying further back and lower than the left. After the body work my shoulders were even. Jeremy also guided me in ways to stand that helped achieve balance and openness. My shoulders are still even, I'm still practicing standing with a wider gait and looking forward to the next session!

Angela B

Jeremy is excellent! He takes great care to know his patients and their bodies. As a professional dancer, it is comforting to know that I am in such great hands!

Rachel J

Jeremy is truly a miracle worker and I am so glad that I have found the right person that understand my concerns and knows exactly what to do. This guy is a genius I tell ya. After I left the office I felt like I had new shoulders and neck and I could see so much clearly. He is just so knowledgeable and I would definitely be a returning customer. If you are in pain this guy is the one to go see. I don't have a doubt in my mind that Jeremy will become a very well knows massage therapist in the Omaha metro area.

Mirela K

I strained my back at work recently and connected with Jeremy for chair massages on my back. I have been so very pleased with Jeremy's ability to know exactly where my pain is once he starts the massage and his ability to use the right amount of pressure for pain relief. He also gives me great tips on how to do more self-care at home and strengthen my back.

Kristina A

My arms were my greatest concern, and they are feeling great now. So glad I am having some time off to rest them. Also, really appreciate the psoas and abdominal work. 

Lisa C

I am grateful for the services I have received through Legato Bodywork. I walk and sit more comfortably and since last week my neck and shoulders are much happier as well.

Lois S

Jeremy is very intuitive, so with very little direction he can read your body as the session goes from start to finish. Afterward, body pain is gone and I feel very peaceful. Each time the massage is different, to address your body's needs.

Darrin C

Jeremy's energy is such a treat to be around. A very positive, caring, and healing soul. Afterward, joints had more mobility and less pain. Posture was straighter. Overall more energy and less stress. I felt very relaxed and focused.

Patricia B

I felt very taken care of. This was my first massage with Jeremy and although I get massages very often he did not miss anything. Questions where asked, water was provided and a very very nurturing environment. I am pregnant right now and he knew just how to work with that. I totally loved the technique and felt empowered being part of the session while also feeling relaxed. I will be back! A very clean, professional, nurturing and loving atmosphere and therapist.

Ilona H

This is a nice private facility with good atmosphere for massage. Jeremy has excellent skills and knowledge and the experience was truly beneficial for my health and wellbeing. Thanks for a great massage, looking forward to my next visit.

Peter G

Before sessions I feel somewhat tired, some discomfort in hip, varied degrees of Parkinsons symptoms - notably right arm tremors. Afterward, I feel usually more energized, diminished leg pain, some diminishment of Parkinson's symptoms, relaxation.

Allen M

Jeremy is very in tune with your body and what you need. The time is always peaceful. Jeremy is very professional (he is great). I always feel better after

Marlene P

I love that my specific problems are being addressed. I have had many massages and chiropractic exams, but my problems always resurfaced after a few weeks. I definitely feel an overall difference in my posture, since seeing Jeremy.


I have enjoyed the benefit of massage from therapists trained in different ways and out of varying schools. Jeremy's technique caught me off guard as something I'm not sure I can fully explain. I had what I can only describe as vivid dreams but I didn't go to sleep. As a psychotherapist, I find this massage from Jeremy to have been a spiritual experience.


Oregon, count yourself fortunate to have Jeremy Powers move into your community. He has a gift for the work that he does.  I did the ten structural integration sessions with Jeremy and then continued with body work biweekly.  The structural integration work was very helpful for me.  In addition to the physical changes, I also became much more aware of my body and more aware of myself within my body. I was more aware of how I walked and sat; I found that I felt more at home within my own body.  Jeremy is great to work with as a therapist.  He develops a partnership to work together not only to identify bodily concerns, but to participate in the work itself.  Over the year, I could see changes that were important to me.  I felt much more centered in my own body.  I was more mindful of my breath.  My "jumpy" legs liked the attention and learned to calm down.  Jeremy has a wonderful firm pressure that my body needed.  Jeremy has a loving and caring presence that makes for a safe, even sacred, place.  I am almost 70 years old and have worked with massage therapists off and on over the years.  This is the first time that I made a commitment for biweekly sessions and I did so because it made a difference.  My body and soul are grateful for the time that I spent working with Jeremy, and I predict that you will have the same experience.


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